T.Y.P.O is a game design company I want to help create. For the website I got my inspiration from artists from behance that were creating websites about games. The idea to create this company came from a friens who told me about it and I got on board with it. The reason I chose my color scheme is because green has a digital scheme and the gray brings out the green and give it a more calm feeling to it, not only a digital.

Turing complete

In this article it talks about the different types of users. Like the ones who try and understand the  computer and make use of all of its functions. Then there are those who just use the basic functions and become the invisible user who is told what to get and what programs to use.

Golden Quarter

In the article “The Golden Quarter” the arguement is that since about 1971 progress of technologies has halted. Their has been nothing that has been ground breaking just slight advances on known technology. I agree with this article . Things like the television, nuclear power and space travel were introduced. Since then we have been trying to build updated versions of things such as the television, air planes and cars. Our progress is just new ideas to make old things better but new ground breaking ideas.